Power in Focus: Utility

March 31, 2021
10:45am to 3pm EDT

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Engage with virtual training solutions to support grid modernization 

With a global shift to more renewable power, we are reinventing the way our energy system operates. With the energy transition, traditional power infrastructures must be upgraded, with software and services optimizing every process. Keeping up with all of the considerations for our modern grid ecosystem also requires an ongoing commitment to education.

Power in Focus is an on-demand, always available experience featuring the best of our Experience Centers' hands-on training in an online setting. Join other power engineering professionals to learn the designs, technologies and installation practices behind modern power while earning professional development hours from the Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP).

Whether your work involves managing the Integration of distributed energy resources (DER), ensuring grid security or identifying new technologies to work with your existing infrastructure, Power in Focus is packed with the education and insights needed to power what matters – advancing the electrical industry and your career.

Utility power engineering application courses:

Digital grid - all are Professional Development Hour (PDH) eligible
  • Planning and managing DERs on distribution feeders
  • Implementing distribution feeder automation
  • Impact of DER on voltage regulators
Grid security - all are Professional Development Hour (PDH) eligible
  • Managing intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) in the field
  • Ensuring cybersecurity with substation automation
  • Overcurrent protection for distribution feeders
Grid modernization
  • Strategic undergrounding of distribution feeders (PDH eligible)
  • Eaton's solid dielectric switchgear option for electrical distribution systems
  • Form 7 recloser control that combines expandability, intelligence and embedded security

View the complete event agenda here.

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