The PH1 MCP features a double action pull handle. This makes it ideal for environments where driving winds may combine with salt spray, rain, hail or sand - a rugged call point designed for extreme conditions is a must.

Eaton has used its extensive experience in harsh and hazardous environments to design the PH1 specifically for the harshest onshore and offshore environments. Other applications include FPSOs and commercial vessels, chemical refineries and other industrial complexes situated in coastal or remote locations.

“Like many of Eaton’s product innovations, the PH1 Manual Call Point is the result of close collaboration with our customers,” comments Nicola Macaulay, Product Line Manager for HAC. “Nuisance alarms can cause significant unplanned downtime and associated loss of revenue in industrial plants. Minimising the sources of nuisance alarms is key to optimising both production and safety. The PH1 has proved to be a reliable means of eliminating environmental triggers without compromising safety for customers working in extreme or hazardous environments.”

Approved for use in flammable atmospheres, the PH1 features a GRP enclosure that is both lightweight and corrosion resistant, further enhancing its appeal in offshore applications. The large “Lift” and “Pull” GRP handle has two key benefits: it can be operated easily in a genuine emergency while wearing industrial gloves and makes it far less likely that the device could be triggered accidentally.  The double action activation also reduces the likelihood of accidental breakage and enhances the MCP’s durability in harsh operating conditions.
In addition, PH1 MCPs can be reset immediately following an alarm event, because there are no parts that require replacement. This means that a site can be up and running again more quickly, optimising plant uptime.

As well as the recently acquired SIL 1 certification, the PH1 manual call point from Eaton is ATEX, IECEx certified and UL listed for C1D1, C1D2 and Ordinary Locations. 

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